Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In July of 2001...Colton was sporting his tie-dye at a Hutchings Family Reunion
and July 2009...
He is making his very own tie dye shirt with a bunch of camping, sleep-over buddies!

It is Colton's even year, so a friend party was in order-
Colton invited over 5 favorite buddies for a SMORE SUMMER SLEEPOVER!

Colton also got to put his hand print on the infamous Birthday wall after Ceramics class that evening!

OF COURSE a smore's gasborg (sp) was in order--after all, it had to be good, because Summer Birthday Cakes get replaced by Smokin' GOOD SMORES!
Ghost Stories about Big Foot and burning marshmallows were part of the night!
Mad games of Flash Light tag running around the outside of the house w/ both gates open were a hit too~ ecspecially with Aunt Booboo playing too!!!

8 Cheers! For Colton-
(Celebrating Root Beer Style)
A houseful of Boys playing with Toys was to be expected (Dad included)
Matching sleep-over Pajamas are always a HIT!
We ended the party with some Blueberry Pancakes and a movie about Bigfoot in the mornin'!
Of course,Temporary Tattoos are a must (Right before they are removed for pictures!)
Going and taking Baptism Invitation Pictures is a Fun way to celebrate (for mom at least) TOO!!!!
Where has time gone? When did the little baby I held in my arms turn into this little man standing in front of me!? Oh Sweet Colton- You were such a miracle when you were born and you continue to be...I LOVE YOU!



Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

happy birthday colton! we love you!! see you soon.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh LOVE the invitations--too cute! That party looks sooo fun! I know Dallin was so excited to go. Colton looks sooooooo handsome and cute in his suit in that last picture. WOW, it's crazy to think he is already 8! That's exciting though--happy b-day Colton!

Allison Barry said...

The picture of him in the suit is so wonderful. I love little boys! I can't wait until Sam is a little boy. Oh wait, yes, I can wait.

Trezise Momma said...

Happy 8th Birthday, Colton! You are turning out to be such a handsome young man!

Angie said...

What a totally fun birthday party Colton got to have!! (I love S'mores!)

Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks.

The Bargar Beauties said...

Oh my goodness, I love that last picture of him. He looks so grown up, he looks like Elder Sorenson!!