Monday, July 6, 2009


JULY 3rd we started our holiday "early" as we actually HAD Daddy home! So...what did we do fantastically F-U-N with him? ...


lots and lots of "we are behind" HOT and SWEATY Yard work!

Our rose bushes are even patriotic

Happy 4th at the Sorensen Home!

Our newly potted flowers AND did you notice the new paint on the outdoor bench?

(I did it when the weather started getting warm)

Our OLD wagon got NEW flowers (after scrubbing out the rust and drilling holes in the bottom)!!!

It IS a flower year for us...more on the table

Wouldn't you want this cute little house?
( I love tooting our own horn) Pulling weeds is our morning routine--we certainly enjoy watching our garden grow!!!

and shoveling new mulch was Dan's FAVORITE part of the day....

actually, it was date night that night where we painted ceramics, got $1 Gelato's, and did our coupon shopping together!

so what did we for....

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!?

We went to the cute, little Clarkdale's parade
where Dacie sat with her ears covered for most of it!(kids L to R~Sterling, Colton, Ryland, Landon, Tristan, Miss A, cousin, Chaney, and Dacie)

...and where we met up with our BUDS the Trezise family and the Ullery's

check out that small monkey bike the big guy was riding...kind of funny!

OUR Friends THE GORDONS representin'

Only a pink, dolled up "woof-woof" could get Dacie to take the hands off her ears

Dan is kind of a quiet type with a quiet sense of humor, so when he finds a bud who understands him it is always a of those guys who gets him is Will Trezise AND it just so happens that those little kindred spirits dressed ALMOST the exact same that day! ha ha ha

Think they have the same taste?

This darling older lady decorated her front porch and was waving to everyone the whole parade...Dacie and I had to go check it out!

Then it was off to some games at the booths to win some small, little prizes!

Did I mention it was HOT that day? Snow Cones in the shade were a MUST after all the mornings activities

Afterwards we had the Trezise family and Cara/John over for a backyard sub picnic.

With 7 kids amongst the 2 families...there was sure to be some mischief?

Dacie found some with the Desitine

We pulled out the wading pool and were all soaking our feet in it at one point
Add some National Hot Dog Eating Contest watching, and Settlers!

Jumping on the tramp and running through the sprinklers was also in the days activities

Colton and I took a little trip to Camp Verde later that afternoon to go and watch Colton's good friend Dallin get baptized (as the font in our building is under construction)

Then that evening we headed to Dan's work to enjoy a bar-b-q and "BEST seats in the house" for fireworks on the upper deck!

We learned how to make S'Mores in the microwave-yum! yum!

Dacie "adopted" a trendy hairdresser Allison for the evening--she is such a GIRL!

Dacie watched the fireworks on their laps until they got TOO LOUD and she opted for my lap and the ears over her ears!We had a follow-up Family Home Evening and we did Fireworks at the end of it...Guess who would not take their hands off their ears!Fireworks were compliments of Grandpa Sorensen who stopped by on the 4th briefly on his way to who knows where?!!!

The Sorensen Family does CeLeBrAtE our SWEET FREEDOM!!!!


Amanda said...

Alicia I don't think I've told you for a while but I love love love you and your adorable family. You are an inspiration to me! What a darling home. I love to read your blog, and I love the name "I'm not gonna lie". You are AMAZING in every way. You were an awesome missionary so full of energy, light and always wearing a smile. I just love you!

Trezise Momma said...

What a fun day! I still cannot believe that Dan and Will dressed alike! They are true kindred spirits! Thanks for having us over! It was fun!

Selena and Russ!! said...

i like that dad wore a shirt with a flag on it! Russ and I went and got matching shirts for the 4th too! it was super fun! I bet small town holidays are so much fun! I've been to Prescott a few time for the 4th and I loved it! You guys look like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks GREAT! I miss planting flowers, it is 115 here no flowers or anything else can survive right now! The parade looked like fun! Where did you guys get sparklers???

kk Leilani said...

happy freedom! love your family much fun!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Looks like you had a FUN 4th!! Your yard looks AWESOME, and I had to laugh at Dan & Will's matchy-matchy outfits. They couldn't look more matchy if they tried I think--too funny! Glad you guys had a great holiday!

Emily said...

What a fun 4th you had! Busy too! Fun to see your cute family on here since it can't be in person these days. We are melting down here! Yikes!
Did Dad and Will plan their outfits? I know that is a silly question, but that is just crazy! :)