Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some FUN photos!!!!

Who says you cannot have FuN when it is BEAUTIFUL SPRING weather
even if you are getting ready to move!

One of the well-wishers who came to say good-bye by perching on our trampoline

During this month...Rhett has serious amounts of drainage. It lasted for more then 3weeks and a cough set in. We believe it was seasonal allergies (tis the season!) BUT I KNEW there would be an aftermath for that long of congestionRhett got super sick and ran super high fevers, when he became listless I knew I needed to get him in
He had severe double ear infections
and they thought he may have pneumonia-so we had to go get x-rays
Luckily, it was only on bronchitis and our little bud was back on a breathing machine
(3rd time in his life-we just bought one finally!)

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