Thursday, May 26, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Facials, and Sleepovers!!!!

I heard Dan tell a friend that he is realizing that we got this house so that I could have parties...

I do have to say that is a pretty fair statement.

ALTHOUGH we did NOT buy it for parties it HAS come with the TERRITORY of a bigger home


being the social being that I am I do not mind a bit!This month was my turn to help HOST POKENO.

OF COURSE 'my ladies' had to see the new house!

So we held it here with the theme, "April Showers Bring May Flowers"


we won flower bows sold from my creative momma friend Nat Ipson.

We had breakfast for dinner

I got to host with a great bud Anita Dutton


I baked flower and umbrella sugar cookies the day before


Cara and I spent all day icing them

(Cara is the master icer, thus all her cool looking ice jobs got eaten before I snapped a photo-darn!)


Because I was hosting we got to invite whomever we wanted and I extended the invite to those ladies who normally cannot participate-so we had 20 something coming and going all eve

It was too much fun!

Earlier that same week, we held the RELIEF SOCIETY ACTIVITY at our home

it was home-made spa night (that would be a blueberry mixture on our face) and guiltless desserts!

They asked if they could use our home the first week I went to Relief Society

(people tell me we should fill our living room with furniture quick- ha ha)Dacie thought it was GREAT that the Young Women took a liking at the sleepover to her sippy cups-she did a whole photo shootsome young woman got a hold of the camera and her own feet...choice :)The Friday before the week of PARTY's

we held the YCL GIRLS CAMP SLEEPOVER at our houseMy sister Amberlyn got called as their leader.

The other lady had to drop out, so being the rep in the stake over girls camp...I slipped right inSo we partied like pirates ALL NIGHT LONG!I would not have it any other way...I enjoy being surrounded by great people.

Our house got cleaned three times in less then a week- That is progress!

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The Harrison Crew said...

those pics remind me of one of the first times i met our rs sleepover where we watched 80s movies. love.