Friday, September 17, 2010

Preschool. Playgroup and Pokeno OH MY!!!!

Knowing that a baby usually "knocks me off my feet" for a while. I volunteered to take my hosting shifts for
Pokeno (girls game night), playgroup and preschool later, when Rhett was a little bit older. When I was maybe getting more sleep?, and we might have a schedule?
Unintentionally, I volunteered the same month for all of these-after all, Rhett would be 6 months and it always gets easier after that...right?!
Last Evening (9/17) we hosted Pokeno at our Home.
Luckily, I had 2 other hostesses to divide the responsibilities up. Since I was busy helping make 16 Ladies fit (we were COZY!), dinner, game playing, treat making, ice cream toppings, drinks, plates, forks, clean house...I forgot to take pictures!
So instead, you will get a version of our invite!
Friendship is like Toppings:
We all come in variety and sizes
each add taste,
but together are Prizes.
One alone is kind of bland,
but together they can tear up the land.
Sweet and Sour
Plain and Zesty
Put them together and they can get quite FRESKAY!
Of course, a meal (a.k.a friendship) would not be complete,
unless some NUTS were part of the fleet!
That is why you are invited to our,
Night of Pokeno Toppings Galore!

Then the first week of September we held Playgroup and Preschool at our home the same week!
(thank heavens for sisters in town right?)
PLAYGROUP was back to school Sundaes and water time in the back yard!

We {heart} this pool I got at Wal-Mart...I hope everyone else we gave pools too for gifts has enjoyed theirs too!

PRESCHOOL (Dacie's mom swap one) was the LETTER B!
so, of course, we focused on Butterflies (since it is all girls)
ate bears and bananas, did show-and-tell
and just had a grand ol' time !!
(after one of the poor little girls threw up all over our entry way!)
Ry even got to make himself a pair of BOY WINGS!
Pokeno, Playgroup and Preschool OH MY(fun)!!!
and me and my home survived!


Jen said...

It was all about the P's this month for you. Too bad preschool was B and not P! :0)

Sounds like a lot of BUSY fun!

Dawn said...

at least you have them all over in the same month too! Proud of could not have done that 6 months ago! yeah for Alicia!

Trezise Momma said...

You were a busy lady this month! Avery LOVED preschool and the butterfly wings. (Who threw up though??), and playgroup sundaes were a hit with both T-Bird and Miss A. I LOVED Pokeno, and I enjoyed being 'cozy'. What can I say? You are awesome, Alicia!