Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After pleading with us to sign him up for soccer this year-
we signed Sterling up for the fall season of AYSO soccer!

(YES! That GIANT of a boy #9 is Sterling-still topping the charts in size!)
We were hesitant too, after his first season. He was not much into it then and did allot of running with never touching the ball. We also knew it was more of a time commitment now with practices on top of games....
Sterling has ABSOLUTELY happily surprised us this year!
He gets it!
although he is is not the superstar, he certainly holds his own!
(Sterling with one of his favorite buds Riley-they actually got on the same team-what a LUCKY year!)

Where he might slightly lack in natural talent he certainly makes up for in COACH-ABILITY

(Sterling is far right-the boys just hangin' on picture day-it was hot and they were cooling it off!)
I have never seen a kid follow directions so precisely!!
So this last Saturday I am happy to announce that
He so much deserved it. You should have seen how happy he was!
It made a mom's heart HAPPY to see him so HAPPY!

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