Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Father and Sons Campout 2010

Dan survived another year of a Father and Sons Campout!
This was the first year in quite sometime that Dan has gone "solo".
Typically we take Grandpa Sorensen along and he pretty much provides EVERYTHING
but the clothes and the bodies.
This year Grandpa was turkey hunting in Washington
It probably did not help matters much that Dan did not get home from work until 6:15pm and had to drive over an hour to make it to the campsite.
He was setting up in the dark
Despite the slow start it did not slow down their eating patterns
they successfully downed a McD's dinner, bag of starburst, pkg. of marhsmellows, pkg. of hershey's chocolate bars, package of peanut m&m's, lunchables, rootbeer, bacon, eggs/omlettes, and can of slim jims....all within 24 hours!
Camping does not get much better then that (unless your Sterling who found a horny toad you were devastated to part with)
oh yeah...and they did a little fishing....
Stinky, tired, and FULL boys returned safe and sound
WHILE THE BOYS WERE GONE...what did we do?
Aunt Amberlyn came up from Mesa and took a "night" shift with the baby
and we went to dinner with some gal pals to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had them come visit after
then a late night movie ensued!
Depression and REFLUX (yes, Rhett has been diagnosed with reflux after showing Ryland type symptoms--we are trying to get a handle on it and I am trying not to panic) did not slow this weekend down!!!


Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

Looks like the boys had a fun campout! What a scary little critter they are holding (yikes...that would freek me out!) So the baby has Reflux...if I understand reflux that's when he's continually having his food come back up right? soooo sorry, that has got to be very frustating and exhausting cause I'm sure he's never settled. Keep going momma! Were rootin for ya! Looks like you have family there for support so that's nice. Hey if I was there I would help too....I'm always looking for babys to steal! (well you know what I mean!) Hope all is well!!! love ya

Trezise Momma said...

Girl's Night Out was fun! Thanks for letting us crash your house. I love Sterling's horny toad! It's a cute, baby one, not a big, gross one. Oh, and we {heart} our reflux babies!!

fort mcdowell said...

Porter brought home the horny toad. We kept in in a box all afternoon. It disappeared sometime before supper. (Not my fault, honest!) Tell Sterling thanks for sharing his pet. It's living in our yard now, somewhere, I'm sure.....

booboo said...

Too bad the pictures of me sleeping are from when I came up 2 weeks before that. But what everyone doesn't know won't hurt them right?! :)