Monday, October 26, 2009

The rest of our Fall Break

Even though it felt like our ENTIRE fall break was toilet training.... When I realized it was not "taking" as anticipated. I gave in and we went out and did a few things...
ESPECIALLY since Daddy was gone the end of the week and weekend from 4:30am- 7:30pm Elk hunting with his Dad and brother(Yes, Dan got drawn again...and NO he did NOT get anything)
BUT when the kids returned to school STERLING's Teacher had them write about fall break
Here is Sterling' most favorite activity of the week! (read his pumpkins above and below)
Fall Break according to Sterling
Our tree turned yellow early this year as the weather began cold at the beginning of October and then heated up, it leads for mild leaf colors!BUT that did not stop the kids from playing in them!
While holding a garage sale at my sisters house that weekend (where we sold MUCH more than our last garage sale)
Dacie went to a princess birthday party while
Sterling went and made a graveyard cake with one of his great buds Riley Bliss
while Colton and Ryland went to a local private schools fall festival on our way to getting Colton's hair cut!

*This dog came over and sat right on Ryland's feet so he could not go anywhere! ha ha ha
Ryland thought it was awesome

SO I guess our FALL BREAK wasn't an entire bust...



kk Leilani said...

I love fall. I love you and I love these pics. I can't believe how everyone is growing! happy Halloween! and happy anniversary.

Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

seriously, i love kids. sterling's fall break story is hilarious.