Friday, October 16, 2009


So all who have wondered what fun plans we had for our fall break...we have POTTY TRAINED!!!
*My apologies to the other toilet trained siblings, as they have had to entertain themselves...and have sorely complained about it!
I typically hit the potty training road HARD (charts, videos, books, prizes, practice)--and that usually means that we go nowhere and have no one over because we usually are not dressed for a majority of the day.
How's it going?
Beginning of the week: GREAT
End of the week: BAD (throwing her prize winning princess underwear in the trash b/c she knew she would be in trouble and insisted on diapers for a morning)
I was dry-heaving at my sisters today as we peeled poop filled underwear off of Dacie
Are girls easier? NO
Are girls ready earlier? NO
Are we going to have time to train her before the new baby comes? NO
Potty training is ranked right up there with vomit when it comes to THE WORST jobs of parenthood!
(Even though there are ALLOT more GOOD jobs of parenthood!!)


Kara said...

It WILL happen someday. She will not go to Kindergarten in diapers (ha,ha). I always heard that girls trained earlier too, but it didn't happen any earlier at our house either! Hang in there. You are wonderful!

THE ORMES said...

Maybe those people whose girls trained early didn't have STRONG personalities. For my girls, my strongest personalities trained at 3 1/4 yr and 3 1/2 yr old. Only Shelby trained when she was 2. I just waited until Taylor and Payden were emotionally ready and willing to do it, which took some time. It's hard to wait, but so worth it in the end because it's so much easier. Good luck! Be patient! It will happen.

THE ORMES said...

Oh with Payden, she ended up telling me that she didn't see any need to wear panties because Declan was still wearing diapers, so she'd just rather wear diapers like him. I then talked to her about all the fun things big kids who wear undies do (eat ice cream, eat candy, jump on the trampoline . . . anything that I knew would make her want to be a big kid). Then I pointed out that babies who wear diapers like Declan don't get to do those things. Once she understood that, she decided she'd rather try out the panties, and it worked much better.

Trezise Momma said...

Yikes!! I think I will stick with my plan to put off training Avery, for sure!!

yane said...

I'm just hoping somebody isn't wetting his bed when he goes to Kindergarten next Fall. My other kids made it look easy.

Erin said...

Abby trained with almost no problem...AFTER Phoebe was born! (She was 3 yrs 2 mos) I know it was insane of me to do it when Phoebe was only 2 weeks old, but we had built it up practically my enntire pregnancy that she was going to get "big-girl panties" and a Dora potty seat! She talked about it constantly, so I had to do it! She never had poo accidents, but had lots of the other kind! You do what you gotta do, girl! It WILL happen!