Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dan's Christmas-Work Party! BLAZIN' M RANCH

Dan's boss has taken everyone to a cowboy/dinner/theatre show- the the last 2 years at the Blazin' M Ranch
Now mind you, I have seen a few of these shows in my day (travelling/living on the West coast) and this one is at THE TOP!
SO anyone who comes to visit needs to save up a bit and go to the show.
We have taken the kids, so we get a babysitter and make it a night out on the old west town.
Dan even bought himself a handsome cowboy hat w/out ANY prodding from me! PROMISE
For those of you who may not know he looks pretty DANG good in a cowboy hat--even before I became biased by marriage!
Afterwards I spent an hour on the phone talking with our neighbor about the main water line that had broke AGAIN (about the 3rd time in the last month).
BUT these shots show off MY NEW HAIR color y'all! Some have been asking to see it--it is hard to see with the coat, BUT you get the idea w/ red tints and all!

After forcing my sister to babysit we sometimes will share an orange or two with her-ha ha
Good thing she LOVES my kids!
What a FUN and festive night out!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Looks like fun & your hair is GORGEOUS!!

Oh, does Cara always take oranges for babysitting payment? If so I've got a bag of them over here--haha!

kk Leilani said...

I looooooooooove the Hair! And your sister Rocks. What a cool cool sister to have nearby to play with and share kids and laughs with. You blessed soul! LOve you