Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TREASURE SEEKERS!!! Girls Camp 2011

Me and our YCL LADIES!!!
Stake Skit...I changed the words to sponge bob square pants to introduce camp rules...Cara played the tune on the piano

THE FEARLESS YCL LEADERSour phenomenal desserts-we are never WANTING in the food department with our PHENOMENAL cooks
This summer marked my 4th year of girls camp here in Arizona...(we won't count Maryland for now)
As the counselor over Girls Camp in our Stake Young Women Presidency I always fill in where needed, my first year I was assistant camp director
This year I got to be a YCL leader with my sister Amberlyn
We arrived to find these bear camps ALL OVER our camp since there had been bears in the cabins....umm and did you see where I was sleeping above?
on the AIR MATTRESS on the cabin deck since we did not have enough room for the leaders insideI stayed up for a good portion of the night hearing noises
and then the second half of the night because THEY DID CATCH THE BEAR and he howled and banged on the trap all night...not too mention the hound dogs they brought inStill no sleep is part of camp AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON!Here we are getting seasick at the beginning of our stake skitTHE PEG LEG PIRATE TANGO (using plungers)

Sometimes I think we laugh at ourselves more then others do!What would camp be without our HIKE!Then is was skit night with our bishops and they did not disappointThese are the 80 girls from my ward and guess who they asked to do their hair and help with make up? ME#!
I guess I am getting "old"

I am a hula dancer gone joker as we did "our wards got talent"
and did a backwards limbo

And here is our LEADER CHEER SQUAD

Throw in gaining 10 pounds, tipping in a high winded canoe kinda day (and losing my cell phone and camera in one expensive swoop), SERIOUS great FIRESIDES and programs (the family one and Emma Smith I could not keep my eyes dry), testimony meetings, cheers, chants, tears, crafts, letters to and for our dads on fathers day....
I would say it was ONE SUCCESSFUL YEAR O' CAMP!!!!
(and I found out I had mono the whole wonder I felt a little bit more "tired" this year)

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