Monday, June 6, 2011

BaSeBaLL is OvEr! (FINALLY!)

Once again we interrupt the last two months for BASEBALL!Colton played on the minor league this year...
and typically played 3rd base, center field and relief pitcher
he also wants me to make sure that I tell you he got a homerun this season as well!Ryland and Sterling played on the coach pitch team together.
I moved up Ryland a little early so I would not have 3 different teams and game times!Ryland rarely hit, and Sterling had a successful season (which was good for his self-esteem)We were at the fields for games or practice at least 4 out of the five days a week!We also have had the
End of season parties, trophies, snacks for games, etc.AND RHETT always WENT ALONG FOR THE RIDE!!! :)We were ready to SLOW DOWN- (since the season lasted until June 2nd!)

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