Friday, April 1, 2011

BIRTHDAY BOYS! The Spring Break Finale

Dan had taken off the last Friday of Spring Break...we had submitted that request long before we knew we were moving....


we decided to use it to enjoy being a family and celebrate the boys birthdays

AND we headed down to Phoenix

Friday afternoon we got our teeth cleaned and Dan and I went and did sealings at the temple that evening.

SATURDAY was RYALND's (6th) and RHET'sS (1st) real BIRTHDAYS So we packed up kids, water, sunscreen, Grandma and Grandpa and spent the day at the PHOENIX ZOO
It was a PERFECT DAY weather wise
That zoo is so big and beautiful,

with beautiful grounds
I had made the boys special t-shirts to wear that day

AND the animals did not let us down!

When we got home, Rhett took a MUCH NEEDED nap

while Ry went shopping with Grandma to build-a-bear workshop
We stuck around to watch the BYU game, take showers and blow out some candles before heading back up to Cottonwood that evening. Rhett LOVED the candles, but wanted to grab them

SOOO RY had to do the honors this year


SUNDAY EVENING we had a little family party/dinner and opened the presents with Cara, Amberlyn, and John

It was a WEEKEND of PARTY for sure!
What a FUN way to spend spring break

Rhett got the traditional piece of cake to do whatever he wanted to it

I had made GINORMOUS cupcakes for everyone!

RY even lost his 2nd tooth during the party!!!


(as my dad puts it, its a day of R &R)

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